Profile Archive

This is an archive of all the profiles. All the links should work; if they don’t, contact us at profilesinphotography [at] gmail [dot] com ASAP.

No. 16—Lolo Bates. 11 April 2018. Los Angeles, Calif. Portraiture; fashion.

No. 15—Fredrik Augustsson. 22 February 2018. Stockholm, Sweden. Portraiture; fashion.

No. 14—Brian Ziff. 30 November 2017. Los Angeles, Calif. Portraiture; fashion; film and video; music composition.

No. 13—Priscilla C. Scott. 7 November 2017. Los Angeles, Calif. Portraiture; concert; self-portraiture.

No. 12—Morgane Erpicum. 26 October 2017. Brussels, Belgium. Nature; landscape; architecture.

No. 11—Ed Freeman. 10 October 2017. Los Angeles, Calif. Portraiture; nude; fine-art; urban landscape.

No. 10—J.M. Giordano. 26 September 2017. Baltimore, Md. Photojournalism; portraiture; documentary.

No. 9—Nick Sabatalo and 35mm Magazine. 12 September 2017. Los Angeles, Calif. Fashion; portraiture; editorial.

No. 8—Chiara Zonca (@shadowontherun). 5 September 2017. London, UK. Landscape; nature.

No. 7—Emmanuel Monzon. 15 August 2017. Seattle, Wa. Urban landscape; New Topographics.

No. 6—Chase Hart (@myfridayfilms). 1 August 2017. Portland, Ore. Fashion, editorial, portraiture

No. 5—Cody Cobb. 18 July 2017. Seattle, Wa. Landscape; nature.

No. 4—Natalie Christensen (@natalie_santafe). 4 July 2017. Santa Fe, N.M. Urban landscapes; minimalism, abstract; New Topographics.

No. 3—Jacob Morel ( 20 June 2017. Baltimore, Md. Night photography; urban landscapes.

No. 2—Vincent Tullo. 6 June 2017. New York, N.Y. Photojournalism; studio and outdoor portraiture; documentary.

No. 1—Patrick Joust. 23 May 2017. Baltimore, Md. Night photography; urban landscapes; documentary; street portraiture.

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