TL;DR: I’m taking a brief hiatus. Our IG is live again. More info below.

As I said in my note at the end of Brian Ziff’s profile, and in the TL;DR above, I’m going to be taking a hiatus for a while. I enjoy writing the profiles and running the site, and for the first few months, it didn’t really feel like work.

All of that changed when I went back to college for my sophomore year. My workload became far more intense than I had anticipated, and as I started to fall behind on site work, I started to realize just how much time I spent online over the summer. Even if something doesn’t feel like work, it’s still, well, work, insofar as it’s an activity that requires a consistent amount of your time and engaged participation, and it can be hard to maintain such a level when there are a thousand other things competing for your attention. And, as I found out again and again since last September, maintaining this level is damn nigh impossible when the things competing for your attention are major assignments that can really fuck you over if left neglected.

Why, then, should my hiatus coincide largely with my winter break? Several reasons, the first and foremost of which is that I need some time to rethink where I want to go with this site and my non-school career. Some of you may know that I’m trying to shift some of my creative energies into portraiture, and arranging shoots at this level of my career is more logistically challenging than you might think. For another, I’ll be travelling a bit more than usual, including six days in France, which I had been trying and failing to arrange for about three years now.

This hiatus will last until late January. Before then, I’ll still be doing the occasional repost on our Instagram account; however, from 6-18 December, the @profilesinphotography Instagram account will be deactivated. This does not mean that I deleted the account. Instead, it’ll just be inactive. These dates coincide with finals week, and I need to focus on finishing strong.

Author: Peter W. Coulson

Writer and photographer from Baltimore and Los Angeles. Founder and editor-in-chief of Profiles in Photography.

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