Hi. My name’s Peter, and this is my website, Profiles in Photography. I created it to combine my love of writing and of photography in a way that went beyond the traditional photo-blog model, so instead of just writing about photography, Profiles in Photography will do something a little different. Every other week, we’ll publish an interview-based profile of one of the best photographers working today.

And this is a really exciting time for photography. Some would argue that social media have cheapened it; we beg to differ. Sites like Instagram have made it easy for folks doing great work to put themselves out there and get the recognition they deserve, and Profiles in Photography is in and of this “Instagram generation.” Without social media and the Internet, we wouldn’t be able to easily find good photographers since we aren’t really ingratiated into the traditional art world, and without folks to write about, we wouldn’t exist. (And we’re always on the lookout. Don’t hesitate to send us an email if there’s someone you like whose work you think we should check out.)

That being said, don’t send us your own work, because there are two different ways to do specifically that. All year round, you can get featured on our Instagram if you follow @profilesinphotography, tag us in your pictures, and use the hashtag #PIPfeatures. And every December, we run a super-dope portfolio contest whose winners get profiled on our site. (UPDATE [20 July 2017])the portfolio contest may or may not happen. We’ll have a better idea of whether or not it’s feasible around mid-November.)

As for our content itself, above all, we want the articles to be good. Our promise to ourselves is that we’ll only publish writing that we’d read ourselves, and our promise to you is that our output will be consistently excellent.

Our first profile will be of Patrick Joust and out very soon. Stay tuned!

Author: Peter W. Coulson

Writer and photographer from Baltimore and Los Angeles. Founder and editor-in-chief of Profiles in Photography.

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