PLEASE NOTE: As of August 24, 2021, Profiles in Photography is no longer active and will not be accepting submissions of the kind described on this page, which appears here in archived form. 

The short version: if there’s a photographer you like who you think should be featured here, send us an email at profilesinphotography [at] gmail [dot] com with their name and a link to their portfolio. Our only strict rules are (1) don’t submit your own work outside of the hashtag contest and (2) don’t send us any visual artist who doesn’t use photography as their primary medium.

The long version:

We normally don’t do portfolio reviews or feature people who nominate themselves. However, we have an ongoing hashtag contest: follow @profilesinphotography on Instagram, tag us in your photos, and use the hashtag #PIPfeatures in the description. You can also DM us, though please don’t send us forty pictures at once! (Yes, this has happened to us before.) Five is a fine amount.

We also might have a portfolio contest. “Might” is the operative word.

However, as we said before, feel free to email us the name of any photographer you’d like to see featured on here. You should include a link to some sort of portfolio: a Cargo Collective account, an Instagram, a website, etc.

As far as genre is concerned, overall, we aren’t all that picky. If we’ve recently featured a bunch of urban-landscape photographers, for example, we’d rather you send us really good portraiture than so-so urban landscapes.

As we said before, don’t send us any visual artist who doesn’t use photography as their primary medium. We love drawing and painting and graphic design, and often find inspiration in the other visual arts in our own work, but this is a site dedicated to the art of photography.

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